The Tanoe Concerto

Fans of JKT48 are disappointed that Sunday’s much anticipated JKT48 Mega Konser on RCTI was briefly interrupted by breaking news on Indonesian politics. While the two events may seem unrelated, the subject of the story, Hary Tanoesoedibjo, in reality can be an important figure for the group’s future success.



Proklamasi: The Unabridged Script

George McTurnan Kahin (1918–2000)

George McTurnan Kahin, 1918–2000, who made a final gift to the Indonesian people prior to his death. (Photo: Monash University Records and Archives)

Indonesia celebrates its 66th birthday this week. As schoolchildren and as adults, all Indonesians are familiar with the recording of Sukarno reading the historic proclamation. However, historians today continue to discover new facts about what happened in the 48 hours between Japanese surrender on August 15 and the announcement of the commitment of the Indonesian people toward independence on August 17.

George McT. Kahin, one of the foremost scholars on Indonesia who is also colloquially known among Indonesianists as “Pak Kahin”, died in January 2000, but not before he shared with the academic community the full text of Sukarno’s proclamation on that historic day. The following is the first-person account of his encounter with history, published posthumously three months after his death in Cornell University’s semiannual journal Indonesia:


The Pledged Youth

Two years ago, on the heels of the 80th anniversary of the Youth Pledge and the 100th anniversary of the National Awakening, Indonesians committed themselves to determining how far the nation has come (if it all) since the days of colonialism. Such an occasion was not only observed at home, but also abroad.

In autumn of 2008, work began among students at Cornell University and Yale University to organize a conference that is unique in nature. Indonesians studying or conducting research overseas are rarely presented with the opportunity to present their work in their native language, even when their work concern their home country. With the objective of living up to the ideals of the Youth Pledge, the Cornell Indonesian Association and the Yale Indonesia Forum organized the United States’ first bilingual conference on Indonesian studies.


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